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Möchten Sie ein Büro in einem Business Center mieten in La Défense, Frankreich?

La Défense, Frankreich

Pacific, 11-13 cours Valmy, 92800 La Défense
11-13 cours Valmy
92800 La Défense

“Tour Pacific” is the 5th business centre established within this most strategic district of businesses at a crossroads of the historical axis of Paris (which starts with the Louvre Museum, Champs-Elysées avenue, Triumphal Arch and la Grande Arche). Larger district of businesses in Europe, La Defense extends on 3 communes (Puteaux, Courbevoie and Nanterre) and gathers 3 million m² of offices. 500 companies are installed there.

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Tour Ariane, 5 place de la Pyramide, 92088 La Défense
Tour Ariane
5 place de la Pyramide
92088 La Défense

Situated in a prominent location within Paris' famous business district La Defense, Tour Ariane is positioned in one of the most open spots of the area and offers sweeping views over Paris.

This business center is within immediate proximity of the R.E.R. and enjoys excellent communication links with the center of Paris and the surrounding suburbs.

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Tour Egée, 9/11 allée de l'Arche, 92671 La Défense
Tour Egée
9/11 allée de l'Arche
92671 La Défense

Located on Paris Western side, it gathers more than 3 million sqm of offices and over 1 500 companies. About 140 000 people work there daily. On the top first 20 main French companies, 14 have their headquarter there (EDF, Total...). La Defense keeps growing and its permanent growth makes of this most important district of business in France.

This business center offers 4300 sqm of fully equiped offices and professional meeting rooms. it also has an underground parking.

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Le Colisée, 10-12 avenue de L'Arche, Faubourg de L'Arche, 92419 La Défense
Le Colisée
10-12 avenue de L'Arche
Faubourg de L'Arche
92419 La Défense

La Défense is the new commercial and business district to the west of Paris, covering more than 3 million offices and home to 1500 businesses including 11 of the top 20 French firms and world class companies ranging from banking to high-tech industry.

Close by are 43% of the country's research institutes and several major exhibition centers. Significant development taking place in the area will raise the profile of the business district even further.

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Grande Arche, La Grande Arche, 92044 La Défense
Grande Arche
La Grande Arche
92044 La Défense

Our offices are located on 2 floors inside the famous and modern building. La Grande Arche offering a breathtaking view over the business quarter and out towards the center of Paris, in the axis of the historical monument : the Arc de Triomphe.

The center is equipped with 80 offices and eight conference rooms all fully equipped. The building also houses an auditorium, which can accommodate up to 100 and a car park.

The Grande Arche area provides many restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and one of the Europe's biggest shopping malls. During your free time you can practice sports and relax at the health center, which offers tennis court and golf practice.

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